About Us

Esperant Technologies was formed in 2010. In the short time of our existence we have grown from a small services firm to a corporation with over $2M dollars in revenue. The philosophy of our company within that short time is geared towards one goal, to provide quality services and personnel with the best experience and credentials for our customers. With our corporate office in New Jersey.Our goal is to be responsive to our clients needs and to develop new markets/opportunities that will assist in the growth of our firm and in our involvement with our customers.

Esperant Technologies has also developed new markets and services based on our experiences at client locations. Esperant Technologies and its employees believe in going the extra mile when engaged. Esperant Technologies believes our customers will find our placements will exceed all expectations. In fact, in many instances our contracted employees have been in place at client locations for years rather than months. And, with these placements are unique solutions developments that have saved our clients millions in unnecessary expense.