Case Studies


Datacenter Migration: Completed Painlessly

Migration Engineering: Migrating an entire datacenter is a complex and expensive endeavor. But with the application of the right processes and methodologies, combined with a deep understanding of IT Infrastructure, Esperant Technologies was able to help a Fortune 500 Banking and Mortgage giant…Read More

Creating an Enterprise Data Warehouse for a Unified Customer View

AUnified Customer View Data warehouse: Process greatly simplified by Esperant Technologies IOS When you have more than 15 Million customers, the ability to create a unified view of the customer is paramount. But when customer data is scattered across the enterprise within disparate applications and databases, the challenge can seem huge. Learn how Esperant Technologies used Informatica to bring about….Read More

Streamlining IT Operations

Capital Expenditure on IT Infrastructure is usually a huge cost in any Fortune 500 corporation. Operational expenditure however usually outpaces it. There is more to reducing OpEx than simply moving operations offshore. True and lasting savings are achieved through better managing your infrastructure through…Read More

Consolidation Made Easy

Most IT shops cringe at the thought of server consolidations or upgrades. The sheer disruption that many consolidation projects bring makes them difficult to justify. But when you have a partner like Esperant Technologies to manage this complexity for you and help you identify your low hanging fruit, the experience can be radically different with potential savings in the millions. A telecom customer achieved $30 Million in savings by incorporating…Read More

Harnessing the Power of Open Source

2000 - 2010 has often been touted as the decade of open-source. Today, open source software is available across the technology landscape, from OS to Application Servers to Databases. But how does one harness the immense potential of open-source offerings while managing the risk that comes with it. One Fortune 500 corporation decided to enlist Esperant Technologies's help to do just that…Read More

PeopleSoft, the Esperant Technologies Way:

Faced with a mammoth Peoplesoft migration from older Mainframe technology to UNIX, a Fortune 50 Telco turned to Esperant Technologies for expertise on an implementation that had to be completed in record time. With performance improvements measured in multiples, Esperant Technologies was able to demonstrate yet again, the power of its IOS™ framework…Read More